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When we say “our”, “us”, “we” or “allsupport.in” in these allsupport.in Terms and Policies, we mean allsupport.in Media, LLC or its subsidiaries. These allsupport.in Terms and Policies apply to all applications, emails and other communications that link to or reference under allsupport.in Terms and Policies, or the other services provided through any of these means (the “Services”).

From time to time, we may revise these allsupport.in Terms and Policies. You can determine when these allsupport.in Terms and Policies were last revised by referring to the top of this page. Any changes to the allsupport.in Terms and Policies will become effective upon posting of the revised allsupport.in Terms and Policies on the Internet, accessible through Services unless otherwise noted. By continuing to use Services following such changes, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes. If you do not agree with the terms of these allsupport.in Terms and Policies, as they may be amended from time to time, please do not purchase movies from allsupport.in or continue using the Services. To the extent that an arbitrator or court of applicable jurisdiction determines that applying any changes to these allsupport.in Terms and Policies would render this an illusory or unenforceable contract, such changes shall be applicable on a prospective basis only, with respect to events or circumstances occurring after the date of such changes.


We believe that arbitration is a faster, more convenient, and less expensive way to resolve any disputes or disagreements that you may have with us. Therefore, pursuant to these Terms, if you have any dispute or disagreement with us regarding or relating to (i) your use of or interaction with the Services, (ii) any purchases or other transactions or relationships with allsupport.in, or (iii) any data or information you may provide to allsupport.in or that allsupport.in may gathers in connection with such use, interaction or transaction (collectively, “allsupport.in Transactions or Relationships”), you will not have the right to pursue a claim in court or have a jury decide the claim and you will not have the right to bring or participate in any class action or similar proceeding in court or in arbitration. By using or interacting with the Services, or engaging in any other allsupport.in Transactions or Relationships with us, you agree to binding arbitration as provided below. Our rights and obligations under this arbitration provision shall inure to the benefit of each of allsupport.in Owners (as defined in the Privacy Policy regardless of whether any of them are named as a co-defendant with us or named individually in a claim that would otherwise be subject to this arbitration provision if brought against us.