How To Check Whether Your PAN Card Is Link With Aadhar Card

Aadhar connecting is required for applying Income Tax returns and many more things The Income Tax Department permits you to connect Aadhaar with PAN through its true site . You can likewise match PAN with Aadhaar through SMS or by visiting the closest PAN specialist organization focus. The cutoff time for PAN Aadhaar connecting 31st March 2022, post which you’ll be charged a punishment measure of up to Rs 1,0000.

Here are the instructions an aide that will assist you with connecting PAN with Aadhaar card.

Ref. IncomeTaxIndia

There are two easy ways to link these two identities.

  • visit and complete the procedure. Alternatively, one can SMS 567678 or 56161 from your registered mobile number in the format:UIDPAN<SPACE><12 digit Aadhaar
  • 10 digit PAN Example: UIDPAN 123456789123 ABCDE1234M. One can check status of linkage of PAN with Aadhaar by visting
  • After deciding to link the two by bringing in a provision in the Finance Act, 2017, the government has extended the deadline a number of times, with latest ending on Wednesday. Section 139AA of the I-T Act states, “Failure to intimate the Aadhaar number, the Permanent Account Number allotted to the person shall be made inoperative after the date so notified.” Use of an inoperative PAN can cost dearly.


Beware Of Phone Number Financial Scammer

List Of Phone Numbers – India

  • 08291241070
  • 06005692651
  • 07208093419
  • 09541547925
  • 09906487416
  • 07006876771
  • 08455834870
  • 07735752495
  • 06009566781
  • 7424058909
  • 9366846202
  • 9612322312
  • 9774880397
  • 7003742877
  • 8899352278
  • 7702919011
  • 8610523071
  • 9149748192
  • 7039522741
  • 9945994447
  • 9535509611
  • 9840568639
  • 7892371512
  • 9080060516
  • 6909098789
  • 9019577477
  • 6001284965
  • 9682586875

Tricksters have been defrauding individuals by means of calls for quite a long time by “offering assistance” in like manner specialties which are technical support, forex, assessment forms/reports and numerous some more. An intriguing reality is, that a considerable lot of those con artists are really Indian and live in the United States however recently increasingly more are coming from India since they are gradually being gotten. Dislike we got anything against Indian individuals, it’s simply that the most trick numbers that called me actually had an Indian intonation or were either voice changed to have their voices heard in the Indian inflection.

Sichuan Airlines Customer Care Phone Number (1)

Sichuan Airlines Customer Care Phone Number

Sichuan Airlines is the largest airline in Western China which began its initial operations between Chengdu and Wenzhou. The Chinese airline operates out of the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Kunming Changshui International Airport. Sichuan Airline became the fifth freedom flight for the airline after launching the Chengdu to Zurich via Prague service.

To get assistance with any bookings & reservations related issues, before, during or after the flights, call Sichuan Airlines Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number – 1800 200 9329Customer Service phone number: +86-28-8888-8888 to speak to a live rep of Sichuan Airlines.

Sichuan Airlines (commonly known as Sichuan Airlines) is a regional airline that is based at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) in Chengdu, Sichuan. Sichuan Airlines was formed on September 19, 1986, and began operations on July 14, 1988. It is owned by China Southern Airlines Co. and by the provincial government of Sichuan. It has a secondary hub at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Sichuan Airlines mainly operates extensively thought China and also overseas on routes in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North America. It covers 300 domestic and overseas destinations and carries nearly 30 million global passengers annually. Jetcost Reservation helpdesk Number also makes the booking with Sichuan Airlines for you .

Besides the Chengdu Headquarters, it is also establishing bases or branches in 14 more cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan, Shenzhen, and many more such branches. The airline is ramping up operations and it aims to transform itself into a “Full-service, Network-based, International” carrier, however, it is not a part of any major alliance. The airline’s Asset size is CNY 50 Billion and has a fleet size of more than 180 aircraft. Sichuan Airline’s quality service reflects “the Chinese Elements, with Sichuan Flavor”. Sichuan Airlines has achieved one of its kind flight safety record of 31 years and operates an all-Airbus fleet of over 160 aircraft. The airline has received awards such as the “Airline Offering the Best Services” in China and also the China Quality Award Nomination Prizes for consecutive years.

Customer Service Email, Phone Number , Head Office Sichuan Air

ADDRESS : Sichuan Aviation Building Shuangliu Intl Airport Chengdu, Sichuan 610202 China

Phone: +86-2865392606/2630


Customer Support: +86-4008-300999+1844-378-9909

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday12:00 am11:30 pm
Tuesday12:00 am11:30 pm
Wednesday12:00 am11:30 pm
Thursday12:00 am11:30 pm
Friday12:00 am11:30 pm
Saturday12:00 am11:30 pm
Sunday12:00 am11:30 pm
GameStop Customer Service Number

GameStop Customer Service Number

GameStop Customer Service Number

GameStop Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number:

(866) 323-2321

GameStop Customer Support Number For PowerUp Rewards Credit Card:

(855) 497-8168

GameStop Helpline Numbers:

(866) 323-2321
(800) 883-8895

GameStop Customer Service Email: [email protected]
GameStop Customer Care Email: [email protected]com
GameStop Customer Support Email: [email protected]
GameStop Helpline Email: [email protected]
GameStop Customer Care Email: [email protected]
GameStop Customer Service Email: [email protected]

GameStop Customer Service Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM,
Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM, EST
Best Time To Call: 9:30 AM

Official Website: GameStop

Reasons For Call On The GameStop Customer Service Number

GameStop is a retail company in the field of consumer electronics, video games, software, etc. It offers a variety of products and services to its customers in the above-stated fields. Many people want to talk on the GameStop customer care phone number for various reasons. Some of the reasons are general information, payments, refund, warranty claims, technical support, product, services, shipment, delivery, return, activation, deactivation, etc.


GameStop is an American one of the leading companies that provides video games, software retail entertainments, and consumer electronics. The company has approximately 6,100 stores located all around the United States and 17 other countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Puerto Rico, and others. GameStop was established in 1984 by Leonard Riggio, Daniel DeMatteo, and Richard Fontaine in Dallas as Babbage’s and headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, the United States of America. Customers can find products for any taste such as Browse All, Xbox Sony, Xbox 360, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Download Now, Nintendo Wii, and more. GameStop offers a larger selection of new and used games like action, casual, educational, fighting, productivity, strategy, and more. Retail stores of GameStop operate under the various types of brand names like EB Games, GameStop, ThinkGeek, and Micromania-Zing brands. This company offers many software, hardware, Consoles, and game accessories for next-generation video game systems and the PC.


Bollywood Celebrities who bought real Estate property buy in Mumbai To cash in on the stamp duty cut by Maharashtra Government 2020

With the reduction that came into effect in August 2020, the state brought down the stamp duty on property registrations from 5% to 2% till December 31, 2020. After this period, buyers will pay 3% as the stamp duty on property registrations between January 1 and March 31, 2021.

Besides filmstars, cricketers too bought premium properties in Mumbai to cash in on the stamp duty cut
Properties worth Rs 34,000 crore were sold in Mumbai alone, many of them in the luxury segment, in December 2020.

The stamp duty cut by the Maharashtra government, low-interest rates, discounts offered by developers and the COVID-19 induced price correction has seen the Mumbai registrar’s coffers swell as homebuyers, including actors, actresses, bankers, brokers, and industrialists made the most of the opportunity and came forward to buy a property.

Bollywood stars have also registered new apartments taking advantage of the stamp duty cut in Maharashtra. List Of Celebrities who purchased the properties recently

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor bought a property worth Rs 39 crore at Juhu in Mumbai, Kapoor, 23, the daughter of the late actor Sridevi and film producer Boney Kapoor, took a home loan of Rs 23 crore from a bank to buy the property, showed the registration and loan documents Moneycontrol reviewed.

Karisma Kapoor

Entertainer Karisma Kapoor sells Mumbai condo for Rs 10.11 crore,Kapoor, who was the lead entertainer in films, for example, Raja Hindustani and Dil To Pagal Hai, sold a tenth floor condo in Mumbai’s Khar zone. The offer of the 1610 sq ft loft was enrolled on December 24. The Kapoors paid a stamp obligation of Rs 20.22 lakh

Bhushan Kumar & Divya Khosala Kumar

In August 2020, Bhushan Kumar of T-Series popularity purchased a Rs 167.5 crore estate situated in Vasanta Theosophical Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Juhu. The unit is spread across 6710 sq ft. He paid a stamp obligation of Rs 8.37 crore to enroll the property.

Alia Bhatt

In November 2020, entertainer Alia Bhatt had purchased a 2,460 sq ft condo situated on the fifth floor in Bandra’s Pali Hill Vastu working for Rs 32 crore. Curiously, the unit is situated in a similar complex where her entertainer beau Ranbir Kapoor has a house on the seventh floor

Parineeti Chopra


September 2020, entertainer Parineeti Chopra sold her two pads in Quantum Building, Union Park, Bandra apparently for Rs 13.50 crore. The level is spread across a zone of 1725 sq ft and situated on the 6th floor of the structure. She had apparently procured the pads in 2014.

Hrithik Roshan


In October 2020, entertainer Hrithik Roshan purchased two condos, spread across three stories, worth Rs 100 crore in Mumbai’s Juhu-Versova Link Road. It had a private lift and 10 stopping spaces.

Arshad Warsi


Entertainer, maker and artist Arshad Warsi purchased a sumptuous, Portuguese manor in Goa. As indicated by the news reports, Warsi purchased the house during the lockdown. The house is a legacy property worked in 1875

R Balki


Movie producer and screenwriter R Balki, purchased two pads worth Rs 24 crore in Bandra in March 2020 spread across 2400 sq ft each. The per sq pace of the unit was near Rs 1 lakh for each sq ft. The units are situated in Writers Residences project in Almeida Park, which is a rich area in Mumbai. The whole structure is possessed by advertisers PN Writer and Company Private Limited who have sold just these two condos.

Zaheer Khan

Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan purchases property in Mumbai for Rs 11.5 crore

Shreyas Iyer


Shreyas Iyer purchased a unit in Lodha World Crest, Mumbai in September 2020. The condo spread more than 2,618 sq ft at the World Towers is situated in Lower Parel and was purchased for ₹11.85

1880 सालापासूनचे फेरफार, सातबारा, खाते उतारे ऑनलाईन

1880 सालापासूनचे फेरफार, सातबारा, खाते उतारे ऑनलाईन कसे पाहायचे?

जमिनीसंबंधी कोणताही व्यवहार करायचा असल्यास आपल्याला त्या जमिनीचा इतिहास माहिती असणं आवश्यक असतं. म्हणजे ती जमीन मूळ कुणाची होती, त्यात वेळोवेळी काय बदल होत गेले याची माहिती असावी लागते.

ही माहिती सातबारा, फेरफार, खाते उतारे यांच्या स्वरुपात तहसिल आणि भूमी अभिलेख कार्यालयात 1880 पासून उपलब्ध आहे.

आता हीच माहिती सरकारनं ऑनलाईन उपलब्ध करून देण्यास सुरुवात केली आहे.

ई-अभिलेख या कार्यक्रमाद्वारे महाराष्ट्र सरकार जवळपास 30 कोटी जुने अभिलेख उतारे उपलब्ध करून देणार आहे.

पण, हे उतारे कसे पाहायचे याचीच माहिती आपण पाहणार आहोत.

जुने अभिलेख कसे पाहायचे?

जुने अभिलेख काढण्यासाठी सगळ्यात आधी तुम्हाला असं सर्च करावं लागेल.

त्यानंतर तुमच्यासमोर महाराष्ट्र सरकारच्या महसूल विभागाची वेबसाईट ओपन होईल.

या पेजवरील e-Records (Archived Documents) या पर्यायवर तुम्हाला क्लिक करायचं आहे.

त्यानंतर एक नवीन पेज तुमच्यासमोर ओपन ही, उजवीकडील भाषा या पर्यायावर क्लिक करून तुम्ही मराठी भाषा निवडू शकता.

तुम्ही जर आधीच या वेबसाईटवर नोंदणी केली असेल, तर लॉग-इन आयडी आणि पासवर्ड वापरून तुम्ही या साईटवरील सेवांचा लाभ घेऊ शकता.

पण, जर तुम्ही पहिल्यांदाच इथं आला असेल, तर सगळ्यात अगोदर तुम्हाला इथं नवीन वापरकर्ता नोंदणी या पर्यायावर क्लिक करायचं आहे.

एकदा का तुम्ही इथं क्लिक केलं की एक नवीन फॉर्म तुमच्यासमोर ओपन होईल. यामध्ये तुम्हाला सुरुवातीला वैयक्तिक माहिती द्यायची आहे.

यामध्ये तुमचं नाव, मधलं नाव आणि आडनाव. त्यानंतर जेंडर (मेल आहे की फिमेल), नॅशनलिटी म्हणजेच राष्ट्रीयत्व, त्यानंतर मोबाईल नंबर द्यायचा आहे.

त्यानंतर तुम्ही व्यवसाय काय करता ते सांगायचं आहे, जसं की business, service कि other म्हणजेच यापैकी वेगळं काही करता ते सांगायचं आहे.

यानंतर मेल-आयडी आणि जन्मतारीख लिहायची आहे.

वैयक्तिक माहिती भरून झाल्यानंतर पत्त्याविषयीची माहिती सांगायची आहे.

यामध्ये घर क्रमांक, मजला क्रमांक (कितव्या मजल्यावर राहता), इमारत किंवा घरावर काही नाव असेल तर ते लिहायचं आहे.

त्यानंतर Pincode टाकायचा आहे. पिन कोड टाकला की जिल्हा आणि राज्याचं नाव आपोआप फॉर्मवर येऊन जातं.

पुढे गल्लीचं नाव, गावाचं नाव आणि तालुक्याचं नाव टाकायचं आहे.

ही सगळी माहिती भरून झाल्यानंतर तुम्हाला लॉग इन -आयडी तयार करायचा आहे.

समजा मी [email protected] हा लॉग-इन आयडी टाकला, तर त्यानंतर उपलब्धता तपासा या पर्यायावर क्लिक करून तो आयडी ऑलरेडी अस्तित्वात आहे की नाही, ते बघायचं आहे.

तो जर नसेल, तर त्यानंतर तुम्हाला पासवर्ड टाकायचा आहे. त्यानंतर एका प्रश्नाचं उत्तर द्यायचं. ४ ते ५ प्रश्न असतात, सोपे असतात, त्यापैकी एकाचं उत्तर द्यायचं आहे. त्यानंतर Captcha टाईप करायचा आहे. म्हणजे इथं दिसणारे आकडे किंवा अक्षरं पुढच्या कप्प्यात जशाच्या तसे लिहायचे आहेत.

सगळ्यात शेवटी सबमिट बटन दाबायचं आहे.

त्यानंतर तुमच्या स्क्रीनवर वापरकर्ता नोंदणी यशस्वीपणे पूर्ण केली इथे क्लिक करा लॉगइन करण्यासाठी, असा मेसेज येईल. यावरील इथे क्लिक करा या शब्दांवर तुम्हाला क्लिक करायचं आहे.

आता रेजिस्ट्रेशन करताना टाकलेलं यूझरनेम आणि पासवर्ड वापरून तुम्हाला परत लॉग इन करायचं आहे.

आता आपण सुरुवातीला फेरफार उतारा कसा पाहायचा ते बघूया.

यासाठी सगळ्यात अगोदर तुम्हाला जिल्हा निवडायचा आहे. इथं एक गोष्ट लक्षात ठेवायची सध्या ही सुविधा 7 जिल्ह्यांपुरती मर्यादित आहे. पण, ती राज्यभरातल्या सगळ्या जिल्ह्यांनाही लवकरच पुरवण्यात येणार असल्याचं सरकारनं स्पष्ट केलं आहे.

पुढे तालुका, गावाचं नाव आणि अभिलेख प्रकार निवडायचा आहे. यात तुम्हाला कोणता उतारा हवा आहे तो निवडायचा आहे. आता मी फेरफार उतारा निवडला आहे. जर तुम्हाला सातबारा हवा असेल तर सातबारा, आठ-अ हवा असेल तर आठ-अ पर्याय निवडायचा आहे. असे जवळपास 58 अभिलेखांचे प्रकार यात उपलब्ध आहेत.

त्यानंतर गट क्रमांक टाकून शोध या पर्यायावर क्लिक करायचं आहे.

त्यानंतर शोध निकाल या पेजवर तुम्ही टाकलेल्या गट क्रमांकाशी संबंधित फेरफाराची माहिती दिसते.

फेरफाराचं वर्षं आणि क्रमांक तिथं दिलेला असतो. तुम्ही त्यावर क्लिक करून संबंधित वर्षाचा फेरफार पाहू शकता.

उदाहरणार्थ समजा मला 1982मधील फेरफार पाहायचा आहे म्हणून मी त्यासमोरील कार्टमध्ये ठेवा या पर्यायावर क्लिक केलं आहे.

त्यानंतर तुम्हाला पुनरावलोकन कार्ट या पर्यायावर क्लिक करायचं आहे.

त्यानंतर तुमचं कार्ट तुमच्यासमोर ओपन होईल. त्याखाली असलेल्या पुढे जा या पर्यायावर क्लिक केलं की डाऊनलोड सारांश नावाचं एक पेज तुमच्यासमोर ओपन होईल, इथं तुमच्या फाईलची सद्यस्थिती उपलब्ध आहे अशी दिली आहे. त्यासमोरील फाईल पहा या पर्यायावर क्लिक केलं की तुमच्यासमोर 1982चं फेरफार पत्रक ओपन होईल.

Bosch Customer Service Number

Bosch Customer Service Number – 080675 21111

Bosch is a leading multi-industry company. Deals in automotive parts, power tools, security systems, Bosch appliances customer service, engineering, electronics, cloud computing. The internet of things headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. Founded on 15 November 1886 by Robert Bosch. Volkmar Denner is presently the CEO of the company.

As with any technology, however, problems can arise. Electronic gadgets might not perform, security systems might not do the job. Or perhaps you have a general question about your internet services. A Bosch professional customer service agent can help you satisfy any of these requirements.

Bosch is most recognized for its appliances all over the United States. If you have a query that needs replying, or you think there’s something mistaken with a product or service. The Bosch Customer Service is the best place to start and repair the issue. They have established a wide-ranging support center that can help you fix the common issues without actually visiting the store.

Bosch Customer Service Number 

If you have concerns about warranties, returns, prices, appliances, manual information, technical issues, products, then it’s time to call Bosch phone number service. One of the best ways is to get in touch with a customer service representative by calling them at 800-944-2904.

Other Important Bosch customer service number:

  • Bosch Number of Corporate Headquarters: 1-248-876-1000
  • After-market accessories: 1-800-266-2528
  • Water Heating: 1-800-503-5028
  • Bosch tools customer service: 1-224-232-2000
  • Home Appliances: 1-800-944-2904
  • Automotive Parts: 1-888-715-3613

Bosch Customer Service Working Hours

Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bosch Mailing Address

Customers can contact various branches of Bosch Headquarters mentioned below:

  • Robert Bosch, LLC 38000 Hills Tech Dr. Farmington Hills, MI 48331
  • BSH Home Appliances, 5551 McFadden Ave.Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  • Robert Bosch Tool Corp., 1800 W. Central Rd.Mount Prospect, IL 60056
  • Bosch Solar, 50 Wentworth AvenueLondonderry, NH 03053
  • Bosch Water Heating340 Mad River ParkWaitsfield, Vermont 05673
  • Robert Bosch LLC2800 S. 25th Ave.Broadview, IL 60155

Bosch Live Chat Support

Bosch does not provide a direct live chat option to its customers. Whereas there are other ways by which you can get in touch with customer executives online. One of them is by following them on their social media platforms stated below.

The other one is by filling the ‘Contact Us’ form mentioned at You can ask inquiries about products, general, sales, and promotion. You will be asked to fill in your0 personal details and general questions. Then click on the ‘Submit’ button at last.

Bosch Email Address

To interact Bosch through email using the following Bosch Contact Form by hitting an “Email” button. You will be asked to fill in your details and send them a message. And Customer Service Representatives shall get back to you. 

Bosch Help

For detailed data, you can visit and use their official applications at For more information, you have to see Here you will get more options to get help online.


AdvoCare Customer Service – Phone Number – 097114 95494

In this article, we will discuss AdvoCare Customer Service. Here you will discover all the potential methods by which you can contact AdvoCare Customer Service hurriedly. You will get the AdvoCare Number, Email Support, Live Chat Option, Mailing Address, and so forth

AdvoCare Customer Service Number

Advocare being the most renowned and largest dietary supplement provider in all over the United States. They do have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist customers whenever in need. They make sure clients are handled appropriately.

Although enormous ways to contact AdvoCare, one of the best and fastest ways is to call Advocare. To get in touch with AdvoCare Customer Support Team, make a call at 1-800-542-4800 or 972-665-5900.

AdvoCare Email Address

AdvoCare does not provide a direct email address to their customers. The best way to get in touch is via AdvoCare Phone Number 1-800-542-4800. Whereas there is one more simple and genuine way to get connect via ‘Contact Form.’

The Contact Form is mention on AdvoCare Homepage under the ‘Contact Us’ option at You will ask to fill in the personal details about you, such as Name, Phone, Email, Country, etc. The Customer Support Team shall contact you as soon as possible.

AdvoCare Customer Service Hours

The AdvoCare Contact Number to speak to live representative is available from Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5:30 PM Central Time.

AdvoCare Will Call

AdvoCare Will call is currently unavailable.Curbside Pickup is available from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM CT. And on Sunday 7 AM to 2 PM CT.

Mailing Address

If you want to contact AdvoCare via mail, you may send them a mail at the company’s given mailing address. Kindly remember that this way of communication with the Customer Service may take time to respond.

  • AdvoCare International, LLC
  • 2800 Telecom Pkwy
  • Richardson, TX 75082

AdvoCare Help

For more details about AdvoCare Customer Service, Products and Services offered, kindly go through their Frequently Asked Questions at

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