Top Indian PUBG Team (1)

Top Indian PUBG Team

2020 would probably go down in history as the year that proved quite a few things– from sports shutting down across the globe to an unprecedented shift to eSports. To cut to the chase, the year has meant a lot in the Indian mobile esports. This year, three major mobile eSports titles– Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile took a major leap.

InsideSport looks at the top teams in the country on the basis of the prizes they won and made it to the top of the table as the best Indian Allsupport organisation.

Team NameEarnings (in USD)
Orange Rock (PUBG Mobile)$83,983
TSM Entity (PUBG Mobile)$71,281
GXR Celtz/Celtz (PUBG Mobile)$55,222
Total Gaming (Free Fire)$49,692
Megastars (PUBG Mobile)$32,268
Fnatic (PUBG Mobile)$24,384
SynerGE (PUBG Mobile)$21,107
Nova Godlike (PUBG Mobile)$20,100
TeamIND (PUBG Mobile)$17,678
Critical X Elite (Free Fire)$13,641

1. Global Esports

Global Esports burst into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro scene in 2019. They made some pretty major waves by signing some top Indian CS:GO players earlier in their career as a pro team. In that same year, they came second in the ESL India premiership. They also finished second in eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia 2019 – South Asia. They may not be the absolute best team going right now, but with such huge advancements in their careers so early in the history of the team, they could quickly become a force to be reckoned with globally as well as being one of the best Indian esports teams.


SOUL is by far the most popular PUBG esports team in India. While PUBG may not be the most popular esports in India, their skill and determination has rocketed them to popularity. They were initially formed to compete in DreamHack Mumbai in 2018. Since then, they have won every national esports tournament in India.

They are the best PUBG esports team in India, but they have yet to win a global championship. Their current roster may not reach the heights of the initial team, but they are still the most popular PUBG Indian esports team.

3. Orange Rock

Orange Rock is currently the highest-earning mobile esports team in India. While SOUL may have been the most popular PUBG team, Orange Rock is by far the most popular PUBG Mobile team in India. They had a second-place finish in PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East, they won in the ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season, PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia, and PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: India.

4. Team Brutality

They market themselves as India’s leading esports organisation. They began as a CS:GO esports team but since their beginning, they have branched out into Tekken, Street Fighter, and racing titles. They are far more comparable to the major esports organisations like Cloud9 or Fnatic than they are to a single game esports team. They are a major organisation but spreading themselves too thin has pushed them further down the list. They may still be good, but they are far from the best Indian esports team.

5. TSM Entity

Previously known as Entity Esports, they partnered with TSM and became TSM Entity. They were India’s best performing PUBG Mobile team in 2019 and placed sixth in PUBG Mobile World League 2020. They may never reach the heights that they managed in 2019 but their immense skill and prowess has positioned them as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in South Asia and a great pick if you want to bet on esports in India.

6. BL4ZE Esports

BL4ZE Esports is an elite Indian CS:GO team. They have had an amazing run at the ESL India 2019 fall season as well as qualifying for the WESG 2019 APAC finals. Again, this team would have been higher on the list if not for the unfortunate news this year.

In late April 2021, team captain Marzil announced his retirement from the CS:GO competitive scene and made the move over to Valorant esports. This major shift in the team dynamics has left the BL4ZE Esports organisation in limbo. They may make a return, they are currently requesting players to try out for their team, but if they return, they may not reach the heights they once did.

7. GXR Celtz

GXR Celtz is another PUBG Mobile esports team, they are one of the big three mobile esports teams on the subcontinent and their record shows that.  They had a 9th place finish in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: India but from that disappointing result, the team went on to win the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia. The team has had some roster changes recently, but they are still some of the best players in India.

8. Total Gaming Esports

Despite Free Fire having a relatively small global reach, Total Gaming Esports is becoming a hugely popular esports team and content brand. They won the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall and were 8th in the Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Asia. Outside of tournaments, the team has a YouTube channel with nearly 20 million subscribers.

9. Team Vitality

They are a major player in the global esports scene and as of March 2021, they have moved into the worlds of Indian mobile esports. They launched their first all-Indian mobile eSports roster. This is their first major move outside of Europe and they are certain to gain many fans, Vitality is not just a European team, they have a global fanbase.

They are a Call of Duty Mobile team led by Arav “MonK” Narang. The roster is made up of Armaan “Moonscope” Dharni, Priyank “DEATH” Birajdar, Akshan “Argon” Madhani, Samartha Ganesh “JOKOs” Ghadge, and Samruddha “SAMS” Ghadge. The team will be coached by veteran CoD player Harnoor “Toxy” Mutneja. They are already established players and their popularity is sure to grow.

10. Fnatic

Another major global player in the esports industry has made its mark on the Indian esports scene. They have maintained a very popular and successful PUBG Mobile team in the country. However, the uncertainty around the future of the mobile game has forced them to release their roster and halt operations. They have publicly said that they have not given up on India and they committed to finding other options for esports.