Best Earphones Under 1000 With Mic In India (1)

Best Earphones Under 1000 With Mic In India

Best Earphones under 1000 in India With Mic

Enamored with tuning in to music yet don’t have any desire to spend a ton?

Searching for a spending plan arranged headphone under 1000 with mic?

You have gone to the perfect spot as we are here to furnish you with the rundown of Best headphones under 1000 which is a very spending plan cordial and serious value fragment.

You may be a bad-to-the-bone bass sweetheart or sprinter who needs a couple of headphones that fit easily and doesn’t tumble off during running or running. These days, picking the best headphones to purchase among thousands is a very befuddling and tedious undertaking particularly to the individuals who are music sweethearts. With an assortment of new choices accessible on the web, you may even uncertainty what you really need. You attempt to track down the ideal decision for yourself and nobody likes to bargain strength. Worry don’t as well, we are here to assist you with trip picking the best wired headphones under 1000 to purchase in India. On the off chance that you are burnt out on wires and are searching for remote headphones, you can check our much-acclaimed rundown of best Bluetooth headphones under 2000.

How do we prepare the list of best earphone under 1000 with mic?

Just about 4 years back, the wired earphones segment in this price range was filled with a lot of options providing identical basic features like an in-line mic, remote and silicone earbuds. The sound performance was mostly average in this range. But much like the smartphone market, with increasing competition, rising brands are now aggressively pricing their top-notch products to become budget champions. Brands like BoAt and Realme have definitely boosted up the competition.

Among the variety of features available, we have circled out the most useful ones in our list. The earphone should have thick wires for increased durability, a more than decent sound performance with at least balanced bass and comfortable fit are a must. Most of the earphones in this list have a mic for receiving calls. Surprisingly on detailed analysis, we found a lot of earphones exceeding this criterion so you will be pleased with the quality of products in this list. You can choose which one suits you the best after looking at the pros and cons of each one.

10 Best Earphones under 1000 in India

  • Sony MDR-EX150 & MDR-EX155
  • 1More Piston Fit
  • Sennheiser Cx213
  • JBL T205
  • Blaupunkt
  • Realme Buds 2
  • Samsung Active in-ear
  • boAt BassHeads 225
  • Mi Dual Driver
  • Philips Bass SHE4305

1. Sony MDR-EX150 & MDR-EX155


Sony EX is an attractive and durable set of earphones with a metal casing. It is splash-proof that prevents it from damage from sweat and water, making it ideal for exercise.


  • 9mm driver
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack
  • Frequency range- 5Hz to 24kHz
  • Dynamic bass
  • 1-year warrant

Sony EX is a top offering from Sony with magnetic earbuds that look stylish and durable. The angled earbuds are comfortable to wear. The sound output is one of the best in-earphones under 1000 with balanced bass and top-notch clarity. The splash resistant earphones are great for use during workouts.PROS

  • Sony EX is lightweight with the wire weighing just 3g, which makes it suitable to wear for a long time. The wires are neither too thick nor too thin and look durable. The angled silicone ear tips offer a snug fit. It comes with a cable adjuster that prevents the cable from tangling in your pocket.
  • The sound output by this earphone is clear and rich in detail. It has a balanced bass that would please Rock and Pop genre lovers. The bass doesn’t overpower the vocals giving way to a comfortable listening experience. The volume output is decently loud.
  • Sony EX has an in-built microphone for receiving calls. Voices sound clear and suffer from no muffling. Calls don’t suffer from disturbances. Sony EX delivers top-notch performance when it comes to calls and is one of the best earphones with a mic in India.
  • Sony EX has an inline multifunction remote through which you can skip tracks and accept or reject calls. You can also use the Sony Smart Key app to customize the multifunction button’s function.
  • Sony EX comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. 1More Piston Fit


  • With a signature Piston-shaped design, excellent sound quality, and durable body, 1More Piston Fit is one of the best budget earphones in India. The design is particularly attractive and looks very premium.


  • Dynamic Bass
  • Frequency Range- 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Enamelled Copper wire
  • 3-button inline remote
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack

1More Piston Fit delivers exceptional sound quality for the budget users. It has received wide acclaim for its piston shaped design, tough metal casing, and thick wires. The wires are tangle-free, and it has an L-shaped jack which is durable than conventional jacks.


  • 1More Piston Fit has an ergonomic as well as classy design. The front auditory tube bends obliquely at 45° to match ear canals for proper fitment & so when you are running or walking; it will not pop out easily, making it comfortable too. 
  • The enamelled copper wires covered with kevlar fibre are tangle-free and thick. It’s a combination of toughness and convenience. The L-shaped jack is more durable than a conventional jack and doesn’t get damaged easily.
  • 1More Piston Fit has a 3-button inline remote used to control volume, skip tracks and activate the voice assistant directly from the earphones. You can also use it to accept/reject calls. 
  • 1More Piston Fit has a rich sound with decent bass. The volume is output is really loud while you will like the treble and vocals that sound exceptionally well. Overall the sound quality makes it one of the best earphones under 1000.
  • The noise cancellation works great on this earphone with little to no sound leakage even at high volumes.
  • 1More Piston Fit comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Sennheiser Cx213


  • Sennheiser has a trendy finger contoured design that fits seamlessly in the ears. The powerful bass is a standout of this product that has ruled the budget earphone market for a long time.


  • 3.5mm L-shaped jack
  • Powerful bass
  • 1.2m cable
  • 2-year warranty

Sennheiser has a sporty design coupled with a thumping bass that makes it a viable option even after so many years since its launch. The noise cancellation is on-point. The absence of a mic might make it a bad option for some people, but this earphone is ideal for gamers.


  • Sennheiser has a lightweight plastic casing with a glossy finish that adds to the trendy look. The dual wires in the cable of Sennheiser ensure that the wires are tangle-free, which you can quickly take from your pocket and start listening.
  • While the thick wires make Sennheiser durable, the presence of L-shaped jack also testifies its durability. The L-shaped jack is also great for gamers to hold the phone while the earphones are plugged in. This makes Sennheiser one of the best gaming earphones under 1000.
  • The sound quality is clean, powerful with a bass-driven output. While the thumping bass will please the EDM and Rock genre lovers, the vocals might sound a bit bland at times. The loudness is decent. Sennheiser has brilliant noise cancellation so you can get lost in your music without disturbance of outside noise.
  • Sennheiser has a whopping 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects, so you don’t have to worry about one ear stopped working or other defects for a long time.

4. JBL T205


  • Launched as a competitor to Apple Earpods in a lower budget, JBL T205 is a viable option for its thumping bass and brilliant sound quality. The flat wires are tangle-free and give the earphones a modern look.


  • 12.5mm drivers
  • Contoured design
  • Flat cable
  • Powerful bass
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack
  • Carrying pouch

JBL T205 is a classy set of earphones with a premium metal housing and an Apple earpods-like contoured design without additional ear tips. The flat wires are quite durable, and the sound quality is one of the best you will get in this range. Overall, JBL T205 is one of the best earphones under 1000 in India.


  • JBL T205’s contoured design will be preferred by those who don’t like the silicone earbuds design common in earphones these days. The premium metal housing and flat wires make it an attractive option in this range.
  • The earphones comfortably fit in the ears, although they don’t provide the best noise isolation due to the absence of additional ear tips. They are comfortable and are great for users who listen to songs outdoors as the low noise isolation helps you stay aware of surrounding noise.
  • JBL T205 has a multifunction button that can be used to skip tracks, accept/reject calls, and activate voice assistant. The audio quality on voice calls is pretty decent, with no disturbance from ambient noise during calls.
  • JBL T205 has powerful 12.5mm drivers that deliver the best in class thumping bass. The sound clarity is decent, although it gets muddled at high volumes. It provides a great listening experience at about 70% volume, particularly pleasing for EDM lovers. This makes JBL T205 one of the best earphones under 1000.
  • JBL T205 comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

5. Blaupunkt


  • Blaupunkt is an extremely stylish and classy pair of earphones that provide commendable bass. With 45° angled ear tips, Blaupunkt provides excellent noise isolation leading to a pleasing listening experience.


  • 10mm drivers
  • 3.5mm L-shaped jack
  • Frequency Range- 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Inline mic and remote
  • 1-year warranty

Blaupunkt has a highly effective 45° angled earbud that doesn’t fall off during workouts or running. They are quite lightweight, although the wires are thin and get tangled. The sound quality is particularly good as it provides a natural listening experience with balanced sound output.


  • Blaupunkt is a lightweight pair of earphones that fit well in the ears. It’s ideal for listening for long hours and during workouts. Noise isolation stands out in this earphone, which makes it one of the best earphones under 1000.
  • Blaupunkt has a multifunction button that you can use to skip tracks and accept/reject calls directly from the earphones. 
  • The inline mic delivers decent calling experience on Blaupunkt with little disturbances during calls.
  • Blaupunkt has an L-shaped connector that prevents the jack from getting damaged easily. This makes Blaupunkt a durable option in the budget segment.
  • Blaupunkt produces natural and pleasing sound quality with decent bass. The vocals are crystal clear with balanced mids and lows. The volume output is just about average on this earphone.
  • Blaupunkt comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects

6. Realme Buds 2


  • Realme Buds 2 has a very trendy design with an attractive yellow and black colour combination. The wires are braided, which makes this earphone quite durable so that you can use it roughly. It comes with a cable organiser which makes it easy to keep in the pocket untangled
  • 11.2mm drivers
  • Inline remote and mic
  • Deep bass
  • Braided cables
  • 6-month warranty

Realme Buds 2 have braided, tangle-free wires below the joint. The split wires above the joint are made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which looks long-lasting. The sound is complemented by decent bass, and the volume output is particularly loud for an earphone under 1000.


  • Realme Buds 2 has a magnetic metal casing on each earbud so you can wear them on the neck when not in use. The angled ear tips feel quite comfortable and don’t hurt even after listening to songs over a long time.
  • The tangle-free braided cables are best in class in terms of durability. The angled design of the ear tips cancels ambient noise and offers you disturbance-free listening experience. The durability factor and stylish looks make Realme Buds 2 one of the best earphones under 1000 in India.
  • Realme Buds 2 has an inline mic that delivers excellent audio quality on calls. The mic has active noise cancellation that cancels out ambient noise and doesn’t let surrounding noise disturb you during calls.
  • The sound quality is quite pleasing, and the volume output is very loud on Realme Buds 2. It offers a decently deep bass, which is in line with some other earphones in this range. Overall, Realme Buds 2 delivers brilliant sound performance in a low budget.
  • Realme Buds 2 has a three-button controller that lets you control volume, skip tracks and accept/reject calls directly from the earphones.

7. Samsung Active in-ear


  • Samsung earphones are made especially for sports enthusiasts and runners, offering a rubber ear-hook that prevents it from falling during running and sprinting. The 12mm bass drivers deliver deep bass making it one of the best earphones under 1000 with mic.


  • 12mm bass drivers
  • 3-button remote with mic
  • Flat tangle-free wires
  • Frequency Range- 20Hz to 20kHz
  • 6-month warranty

Samsung Active is a lightweight and stylish pair of earphones that delivers a commendable sound quality with deep bass. The tangle-free flat wires are durable, and the rubber-hooks are ideal for running. The 3-button controls make it easy to control volume directly from the earphones.PROS

  • Samsung Active has a minimalistic design coming in Blue or White colour. The Rubber-hooks prevent it from falling off during running, making them ideal for workout sessions. 
  • The flat-wires are tough so that you can use these earphones roughly. The tangle-free wires make it an ideal option to keep in your pocket throughout the day. The matte finish on the polycarbonate casing completes a minimalistic and attractive look.
  • Samsung Active delivers commendable bass mainly due to sizeable 12mm bass drivers incorporated in the earbuds. The angled earbuds provide good noise isolation leading to a pleasing listening experience. The volume output is reasonably loud. The mids and lows are muddled a bit at high volumes.
  • The inline mic delivers a pretty decent audio quality, although it attracts a little bit of outside noise and disturbances at times. The 3-button remote helps you control volume, skip tracks, and accept calls through the earphones.

8. boAt BassHeads 225


  • boAt 225 punches above its price with a surprisingly powerful bass in such a low budget. The metal driver chambers and flat wires add to the classy design of this pair of earphones, making it one of the best wired earphones under 1000.


  • 10mm drivers
  • Frequency Range- 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Powerful bass
  • Flat wires
  • L-shaped gold plated jack
  • 1-year warranty

boAt 225 is a bass lover’s delight with punchy bass and extremely loud volume output. The metal casing over each bud gives it a sophisticated look. It also comes with an inline mic and remote. Add to that the flat wires and L-shaped jack, and it makes for a complete package under low budget.PROS

  • boAt 225 comes in refreshing colour combinations. The neon lime flat wires look quite attractive and are tangle-free for your convenience. The wires are tough and durable. The metal casing looks quite premium and adds to the rich feel of this product.
  • The ear tips fit comfortably in your ears and don’t hurt even after listening to songs for long hours. It provides decent noise isolation, although you can hear a bit out of ambient noise since the earbuds aren’t angled. 
  • The L-shaped jack on these earphones prevents it from getting damaged even on rough usage.
  • boAt 225 has a very loud volume output that would please Rock and EDM song lovers. The bass overpowers the vocals at high volumes, so the bass heads live up to its name. The vocals are clear on low volumes.
  • The inline mic delivers decent calling experience, although it is prone to noise disturbances as the mic is quite sensitive. The audio quality on the mic is in line with other options in this range. 
  • boAt 225 comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

9. Mi Dual Driver


  • Mi Dual driver comes with 10mm and 8mm dynamic drivers that minimize distortion and concentrate on all frequencies with clear mids, captivating vocals, and smooth trebles, giving an immersive and complete audio experience.


  • 3.5mm wired connector
  • 10mm and 8mm drivers
  • 1.25m cable
  • 6 months warranty

Mi Dual Drivers are high-definition earphones with punchier bass and crisp notes with passive noise cancellation. Smooth braided cable and magnetic earbuds with premium design make it one of the best wired earphones under 1000.PROS

  • Mi has a stylish carbon look outer shell with a perfectly anodized aluminum cavity that makes the earphones extremely lightweight, scratch proof, and fingerprint resistant.
  • Wired earphones come with a convenient 3 button operation to play or pause songs and answer calls and long-press the play button to activate the voice assistant for hands-free use.
  • Mi Dual Driver earbuds come with a magnetic suction design that sticks to each other when not in use that makes the headset easy to carry and store
  • Dual Driver has anti-winding braided cables that are tangle-free and smooth to touch, easily carried in pockets or bags, keeping the earphones free from knots.
  • In-ear headphones come with anti-slip earplugs that give a soft and comfortable fit to the contour of ears, and the 90-degree close-fitting design of earphones is compatible with all smartphones.

10. Philips Bass SHE4305

Here is the complete review of the Philips Bass+ SHE 4305 which comes a little late in this list of best earphones under 1000 with mic.

The Philips Bass+ has a standard wired in-ear headset design which is not the best in this list of best earphones under 1000 with mic. The earphones are lightweight but the wire quality is average. The wire on the Philips Bass+ is very skinny and looks susceptible to damage. The length of the wire is 1.2m which is good for keeping the phone in the pocket while listening to songs but the wire isn’t tangle-free. The earbuds are tilted at 45 degrees which prevents the earphones from falling down while running, dancing and during gym sessions. The casing looks good in black and is minimalistic with a plus sign along with the little Philips logo.

Available colours
Black, Red, White and Blue

The Philips Bass+ delivers a decent quality sound on overall performance. The Bass is thumping and loud on the Philips Bass+, thanks to its 9-23Hz frequency response. The Philips Bass+ comes with 12.2 mm audio drivers which are quite loud. The Philips Bass+ performs quite well on mid-range treble notes but doesn’t perform well on the highs. The vocals get a bit distorted at very high volumes so it’s advisable to listen to songs at around 75% volumes on the Philips Bass+. 

Noise Cancellation on Philips Bass+ is impressively sharp and you can listen to songs and make calls without disturbance in a noisy environment comfortably.

Build Quality
The 1.2m long wire of the Philips Bass+ covered by a single rubber coating which feels pretty thin. The wire is not tangle-free and should not be handled roughly to prevent damage. The earbud casing is also made up of plastic but its build feels premium. The audio connector is gold plated and rust-free so there is no problem in connectivity.

The Philips Bass+ SHE 4305 comes with an in-line single-button remote and mic. The button can be used to pick and reject calls as well as play/pause songs but there are no dedicated volume controller keys present here.

What’s in the box?
The Philips Bass+ comes with 3 pairs of differently sized ear tips to suit all ears along with the earphones. 


  • The Philips Bass+ comes with just 6 months warranty which looks low as compared to others on this list.
  • The wires on Philips Bass+ aren’t tangle-free and look pretty delicate.

What are lows, mids, & highs mean in music?

Lows are low-frequency sound. Similarly, mids & highs are mid & high-frequency sounds respectively.
Where Lows include Bass and Sub-Bass. Sub-bass sound frequency lies between 20Hz and 70Hz(approx) & for the Bass, sound frequency lies between 80Hz to 250Hz(approx).

Mids includes low-mids, mid mids, and high-mids. Where Low-mids lies between 250Hz to 500Hz(approx). Mid-mids lies between 500Hz to 2000Hz/2KHz(approx). High-mids lies between 2KHz to 4KHz.

Highs mean high-frequency sounds like treble sound. It ranges from 4KHz to 20KHz.

Take Care before you use headphones or earphones

If you are listening to the music at the maximum level it might take you into a problem in future, so try to listen to 60% of a maximum sound level. If you hear more than 1 hour then it would quite good for you to listen to 50 to 60% of the sound level.
Since many earphones or headphones are available in the market from better to worse consider using within limitation as mentioned above or Read More at– NHS.