How to Block an HDFC Debit Card

How to Block an HDFC Debit Card ?

Blocking Online

The good news is that you don’t have to even pick up the phone to block your HDFC debit card. As with most of your other banking transactions, you can simply log on to HDFC’s website, known as NetBanking, to block a lost or stolen debit card. This will keep further transactions from going through while you report the card to HDFC’s customer service line.

From the main NetBanking page, enter your username and password. Once you’re logged in, choose the “Card” tab and click on “Request” under “Debit Card.” Next, choose “Debit Card Hotlisting.” Further transactions will then be declined.

Blocking by Phone

Instead of going online, you can instead report your card as lost or stolen using HDFC PhoneBanking. You can find your local phone number on HDFC’s website. If you know your debit card number have it handy. Even if you block the card through NetBanking, you’ll still need to call to report the card as lost or stolen, as well as identify any unauthorized transactions.

If you can see the unauthorized transactions online, you’ll need to give the customer service representative the name of the merchant, the amount charged and the date of the charge. If not, the representative can list some of the most recent charges and mark any that were not authorized by you.

Blocking in Person

If you are near an HDFC branch and the loss occurs during business hours, you can visit the bank to block your card. Bring along any documentation you have, including your card number, a list of unauthorized transactions and information related to the loss of the card.

Once your debit card is hotlisted, you’ll no longer be able to use it. Make sure the representative puts in a request for a replacement card, and be prepared to pay via a different method while you wait for the new card to arrive. Make sure you update payment methods with any services that automatically charge your debit card on a recurring basis since those charges will be declined.

How can I block my HDFC debit card?

The procedure to block your Debit Card is very simple. If you want to block the Debit Card via NetBanking for an HDFC Bank Debit Card, the procedure is:
Login to your NetBanking account
Click on the New Debit Card Under this tab, you will find an option for Debit Card hot listing. If you click on this, you will see the different cards that are linked to your bank account
Select the Debit Card that you wish to be blocked.
You will need to input the reasons for hot listing. Once you do that, press confirm
The system will hotlist or block your Debit Card online and send you a confirmation.
Debit Cards can be blocked via Phone Banking as well. The procedure of how to block Debit Card by Phone Banking is:
Call up the bank and authenticate yourself
Authenticate and confirm the Debit Card details
The Phone Banking customer executive may ask you for some security questions. So before you call, be prepared to answer those questions.
Once confirmed, the customer executive will block your Debit Card.

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