How to make money from YouTube (1)

How To Make Money From Youtube

These are the specific ways I use to win cash from my channel.

What’s more, today I’m demonstrating how I did it…

… and how you can do something very similar.


“Have heard this name? Bhuvan Bam”

“Ummm. I can’t remember”

“OK pause! What about BB ki Vines?”

“Gracious Yeah, I get it! That Bhuvan Bam. He is actually executing it over his Youtube channel.”

“You know his story? Let me reveal to you how he turned out to be so well known.”

Calmly sitting in front of the TV at his place, he ran over a news channel where a journalist was inquiring

some senseless inquiry to a mother who lost her youngster in Kashmir floods. He believed he expected to do

something in his own style by telling a wisecrack, so he made a video of it and transferred it on facebook

which got viral instantly. Propelled by this example, he began his YouTube channel and is one

of quickest developing Youtubers presently. When gotten some information about his prosperity

mantra, he asserts that uniqueness and inventiveness is something that has prompted his prosperity on

YouTube channel.

What’s more, it’s not only him, there are a lot more normal individuals who have gotten tycoons by

exhibiting their enthusiasm on YouTube. Simply be valid in whatever content you make and follow

your specialty from the heart to genuinely make it to hearts of your watchers.

Along these lines, I have attempted my best to take you to through the guide to turn into a YouTube star inside a

limited ability to focus time. Peruse these simple and tried stunts till the conclusion to turn into a well known YouTuber star

also, adapt the prominence of your channel.

How to make money from YouTube

There are three broad steps that are involved to enable you to earn money from Youtube channel. I
will talk in further detail about these two steps in the article. Let’s first understand these two basic

1. Start and setup your own YouTube channel
2. Carve the strategy to create content for your channel
3. Monetize your YouTube channel

Start your own youtube channel

This step is very user-friendly. All you have to do is follow
simple steps and keep unleashing your creativity and incorporating uniqueness in each and every
Here you go with simple steps to create and setup the YouTube channel:

  1. Signup into YouTube and head over YouTube settings
  2. Click on create your channel
  3. Choose a catchy name for your channel. Ensure that it should be easy to spell and something
    that people will remember. After all, you want people to leave a strong impression on people’s heart
    about your channel
  4. Choose your “niche” pertaining to which you want to post the content on your channel.
  5. Do these following simple steps ensuring they reflect on what your channel has to offer to its
    viewers. Accordingly,
    • Add description of your channel
    • Create your channel art
    • Choose a Channel Icon

Congratulations! on making your own YouTube channel.

This is the most important step as
this will decide on your success ultimately. If you try to skip this step and start focussing on the next
step, it might lead to the downfall of your success.

1. Know your viewers very well
After all, you are creating the content for viewers and there is no better justification to know them
well. Try to visualize yourself being in their shoes and you will end up making a much more engaging
video for your viewers.

2. Focus on a strong message and give viewers a reason to stick around
All of us have this ability to judge and form a perception about an individual in first 10 seconds only.
So, the same philosophy applies in case of viewers as well. Make sure the first 10 seconds convey the
message very strongly and give your viewers a solid reason to continue watching the video.

3. Be true to your passion and make that as your “niche”
Often people try to imitate the niche of others assuming that a certain YouTube has become famous
because he opted that particular niche. But the truth is very different from this assumption. The
reality behind the success of that YouTube is that he/she followed that as passion wholeheartedly
and that was reflected in the video that they created for their viewers.

Monetize your YouTube channel-

Thanks for patiently reading through till here and here
comes the ultimate goal of a YouTube star. But don’t forget that it’s just a by-product of your fanfollowing. So, your primary objective should be just to attract and retain the viewers.

1. Google AdSense
It’s a free service provided by Google to help publishers monetize their content. It’s a very userfriendly interface and you just a blog account or YouTube channel to sign up for this. Once you have
an account, you can create ads and insert the links on your YouTube channel through plugins and
Google AdSense will automatically display the ads. If any visitor of your YouTube channel visits these
advertisements, then you will earn money from it. So the number of visitors to these apps is
proportional to the viewers of your YouTube channel.

Now, we are Indians are make shifters in nature, so I am sure you would be thinking that you can ask
your friends, relatives and other closed ones to view these ads. But let me caution you that AdSense
works on very high-quality measures and any such activity which involves forced viewing of Ads or
any other illegal ways to increase the number of viewers of ads will block your AdSense account and
it is very difficult to make an account again. So, it boils down to the fact you need to create very
engaging content for your channel so that you are not forced to follow such illicit ways.

2. Affiliate Marketing
When put in simple ideology, it means let’s earn together. Yeah, all you have to do is market the
products of other firms in some way which is appealing to customers and with your help, viewers are
converted to customers. You may make a video describing the product or some attractive
testimonial for the product to promote it. And with every sale that you will stimulate via your
YouTube channel, you will get a percentage of commission. There are many influencer programs that
companies are running nowadays especially the ones operating in E-commerce domain. Amazon has
this very famous affiliate program which has a variety of products to choose from and earn through
the sales using this feature.

*Caution statement*
Ensure that you are promoting the products via affiliate links and not direct product link else you
might end up losing your share of the commission.
So, buckle up and start partnering with e-commerce companies to help them boost their sales and
get a share in their success.

3. Collaborate with Brand sponsors
Has your YouTube channel crossed the count of 10,000 viewers? Already got sponsors from big
Congratulations! That’s bound to happen. Once you have gained enough popularity, sponsors will
start contacting you themselves to market their brand. Consider a case of a fashion brand, the
sponsors of this brand may ask you to use their wardrobe styles and since you have got a huge fanfollowing, your followers will love to follow your style statement. And you never know that you are
contacted upon by an automobile brand. Phew! Yes, and you just have to flaunt the car gifted to you
by a car brand sponsor. Sounds cool right? Yeah, it is. To get these cool benefits, you have to very
appeal very cool and engaging to your viewers.

4. Merchandising
Apart from uploading great content on your YouTube channel, you can venture into merchandising
also. You can print funky one-liners, YouTube channel tagline, YouTube channel icon on t-shirts,
mugs, bags, mobile cases and much more to sell it to your followers. Make sure the merchandising is
closely related to the content what your channel has to offer to its viewers. You can get
merchandising endorsed by other celebrities as well. This will not only increase your publicity but
will help you to fetch extra cash inflows.
And imagine you come across your fan wearing your merchandised T-shirt some day and get
immersed in the euphoric moment.

5. Earn from a subscription fee
Well, this only works when you have made it to hit-list of star-YouTubers. Not something to be
experimented by beginners. If you have come a long way of having reached enough number of
viewers for your channel and you believe that you have actually made your mark in this industry,
then it’s time to sign up for this option. You may convert your YouTube channel to be gated channel
where viewers will have to pay a subscription fee in order to access the content of your channel. But
mind it, that it will not make your videos viral since only paid viewers can have access to it.
But wait, I have got a brilliant idea for you. Why don’t go for a hybrid model? Yes, just upload some
free content on your channel that is appealing enough for your customers so that they are bound to
pay for the content that lies behind the paywall of your channel.