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International & Domestic Airlines Helpline Numbers India

International Airlines Helpline Numbers

You often come across the need of International Airlines Helpline Numbers to enquire about special facilities, change in timings, new routes, etc. Thus, we are providing you here the helpline numbers of the major international airlines, so that you can avail any information you want to make your travel comfortable and hassle-free:

Airlines NameHelpLine/Contact No
Aerosvit Airlines011-25652390, 25652391
Air Arabia011-45092222, 45092234
Air Astana011-23711225
Air China011-25656256
Air France011-25652099
Air Canada011-41528181
Air India011-25672226, 25652050
Air India Express011-25604000
Air Mauritius011-25654674, 25654675
Alitalia City011-25654370, 25654375
American Airlines011-25655000
Ariana Afghan Airlines011-25654257
Asiana Airlines011-233129819
Australian Airlines011-25654222, 25654233
Biman Bangladesh Biman011-25652943, 25652726
British Airways011-25652078
Cathay Pacific011-25654701, 25654702
China Airlines011-23656258, 23656260
China Eastern Airlines011-23755494
China Southern Airlines011-25652103, 25652104
Continental Airlines011-25656601
Druk Air011-25653207
Ethiopian Airlines011-25654872
Etihad Airway011-25652531, 25652532
Finn Air011-25655088, 25655089
GMG Airlines011-40517000
Gulf Air011-25652980, 25652065
Japan Airlines011-25653841, 25653842
Kam Air011-42657766
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines011-25652420
Kuwait Airways011-25652295
Lufthansa German Airlines011-25654000
Mathan Air011-23368732, 22368738
Malayasia Airlines011-25652395, 25653772
Oman Air011-25654712, 25654714
Pakistan International Airlines011-25652841
Qatar Airways011-25656141
Royal Jordanian011-25652478
Royal Nepal Airlines011-25654676
Saudi Arabian011-25652913
Singapore Airlines011-25653822, 25652193
Swiss Air022-22870122
Sri Lankan Airlines011-25654733, 25652535
Syrian Airways011-25653712
Thai Airways011-25652413
Turkmenistan Airlines011-25654438, 25653046
Turkish Airlines011-25655785, 25655786, 25655787
Uzbekistan Airways011-25652484
Virgin Atlantic Airlines011-25655747, 25655748, 25652600

Popular Domestic Airlines in India:

There are many domestic airlines in India and it is always good to have their helpline numbers at your disposal, so that you can keep yourself updated about the changes in schedule. Here are the numbers of popular domestic airlines in India along with their web address:

Airlines NameContact NoWebsite
Indian Airlines / Air
Jet Airways011-25675404,
Simplify Deccan011-32994206

Indian Airlines Enquiry Numbers

It can sometimes be frustrating when you need to make an emergency reservation in a particular airline and you don’t have its number. Note down the following numbers for making reservation and other such general enquiries:
General Enquiry – 1400
Reservation Enquiry– 1401
Flight Arrival- 1402
Flight Departure- 1403

Delhi Airport Contact Numbers:

Delhi Airport is divided into many departments, each carrying out a different function. Thus, it is important for you to have the number of important departments and persons, so that you call any of them to avail any necessary information. Here are the number of important departments and persons managing Delhi Airport:

  • Domestic Airport- (011) 25696535
  • International- (011) 25652011/21/50, 25661000
  • Delhi Airport Call Centre- 011-25661080
  • Auto – Generated Enquiry- 011-25602999, 25662275
  • Terminal 1 (1A & 1B & Domestic Arrival) – 011-25661000
  • Terminal 2 (International Departure & Arrivals)-  011-25602000
  • Cargo Terminal- 011-25601000
  • Delhi Airport Manager (Terminal 1A)- 011-25696150
  • Delhi Airport Manager (Terminal 1B) – 011-25675315
  • Delhi Airport Manager (Terminal 2) –            011-25655790
  • Delhi Airport Police (Terminal 1) – 011-25675291
  • Delhi Airport Police (Terminal 2) – 011-25654217
  • Delhi Airport Security (Terminal 1) – 011-25675289
  • Delhi Airport Security (Terminal 2) – 011-25602121
  • First Aid (Terminal 1) – 011-25672778, 256662394
  • First Aid (Terminal 2) – 011-25602465

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