Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2020


Day & DateTimeFirst HalfTimeSecond Half
Subject with Index No.Subject with Index No.
3rd March, 2020Tuesday11.00AM to 2.00PMFirst LanguageMarathi (01)Hindi (02)Urdu (04)Gujarati (05)Kannada (06)Tamil (07)Telugu (08)Malayalam (09)Sindhi (10)Bengali (11)Punjabi (12)3.00PM to 6.00 PMGerman (34)French (35)
4th March, 2020Wednesday11.00AM to 2.00PMSecond and Third LanguageMarathi (16)Kannada (20)Tamil (21)Telugu (22)Malayalam (23)Sindhi (24)Bengali (25)Punjabi (26)
11.00AM  to 1.00PMSecond Or Third Language(Composite Course)Marathi (Composite) (A)
6th March, 2020Friday11.00AM to 2.00PMSecond Or Third LanguageHindi  (15)
11.00AM to 1.00PMSecond Or Third Language(Composite Course)Hindi (Composite) (B)
7th March, 202011.00AM to 2.00PMSecond Or Third LanguageUrdu (18)Gujarati (19)Sanskrit (27)Pali (28)Ardhamagadhi (29)Persian (30)Arabic (31)Avesta (32)Pahalavi (33)Russian (36)3.00 PM to 5.00PMSecond Or Third Language(Composite Course)Urdu (Composite) (C)Sanskrit(Composite) (D)Pali (Composite) (E)Ardhamagadhi (Composite) (F)Arabic (Composite) (G)Persian (Composite) (H)French (Composite) (I)German (Composite) (J)Russian (Composite) (K)Kannada (Composite) (L)Tamil (Composite) (M)Telugu (Composite) (N)Malayalam (Composite) (P)Sindhi (Composite) (Q)Punjabi (Composite) (R)Bengali (Composite) (S)Gujarati (Composite) (T)
9th March, 2020Monday11.00 AM to 2.00 PMFirst LanguageEnglish (03)Third LanguageEnglish (17) 
12th March, 202011.00 AM to 1.00PMMathematics  (71)Part-I(Algebra) 
11.00AM to 1.00PMArithmetic (76)(For blind, deaf, spastics, autism, learning disabled & other eligible divyang candidates) 
14th March, 2020Saturday11.00AM to 1.00PMMathematics  (71)Part-II(Geometry) 
16th March, 2020Monday11.00AM to 1.00PMScience & Technology (72)Part-I 
11.00AM to 1.30PMPhysiology Hygiene & Home Science  (77)(For blind, deaf, spastics, autism, learning disabled & other eligible divyang candidates) 
18th March, 2020Wednesday11.00AM to 1.00PMScience & Technology (72)Part-II 
19th March, 2020Thursday 3.00PM to 6.00PMMulti Skill Foundation Course/Introduction to Basic Technology  (81)Automobile Service Technician (82)Retail Merchandising (83)Healthcare-General Duty Assistant  (84)Beauty & Wellness (85)Physical Education & Sports (86)Tourism & Travels (87)Agriculture (88)Media & Entertainment (89)Banking & Financial Services (90)Mechanical Technology (91)Electrical Technology (92)Electronics Technology (93)Elecronics & Hardware Installation Technician (94)
21st March, 202011.00AM to 1.00PMSocial Sciences (73)Paper-IHistory & Political Science 
23rd March, 2020Monday11.00AM to 1.00PMSocial Sciences (73)Paper-IIGeography 

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