All IDEA USSD Codes List (1)

All IDEA USSD Codes List

Idea is the biggest telecom network service provider network in India. It offers 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile services in the rural and urban areas across the country. If you are using Idea network services, then you can use these Idea ussd codes to check Idea internet balanceIdea mobile number check, latest best offer and other related information that can be check with the help of ussd codes. All these ussd codes are very common and used by every Idea customer to know about prepaid number balance & usage detail.

Idea Credit Loan Code & Loan Number

USSD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is Quick codes used by the mobile to retrieve the data with network service provider. It can be used for menu-based information and configure the mobile phone on the network or an independent calling service which interacts with the network and provides information. With the help of the USSD code, we can get real-time instant info.

IDEA USSD Code to Check Balance and VAS Service Detail

USSD DetailShortCode
Idea Self Care Main Menu Check Code*121*4#
Idea Balance and Validity Check Code*121# | *131*3#
Idea Talktime Offer/Full Talktime Offer/Data Offer*121# | *131*3# | *121*4*8#
Idea Data Balance Check Code*125#
Idea Best Recharge Offer Check USSD Code*121#
Idea Best Internet Offer Check USSD Code*122#
Idea SIM Own Mobile Number Check Code*131*1# | *121*4*1*7#
Idea Emergency Talktime Credit Loan Code*150*10# | *150*20#
Idea Balance Transfer USSD Code*191# and proceed on 2
Information of all Idea pack active on your number*121*4*1*1#
Idea Number Last 5 Call Detail Check Code*121*4*1*2# | *121*412#
Idea Number Last 5 SMS Detail Check Code*121*4*1*3#
Idea Number Last 5  Data Session Usage Detail*121*4*1*4#
Idea Code to Check your Smartphone Support 3G/4G*121*4*1*5#
Idea Code to Check Last Request & Complaint Status*121*4*1*6#
Idea Mobile Number Check Code*121*4*1*7#
Idea Mobile Number Last Recharge Detail Check*121*4*1*8# | *121*411#
Idea My Number Plans Detail*121*4*1*9#
Idea Number Last Deduction Amount Detail Check*121*4*1*10#
Idea Number Tariff Detail Check Code*121*4*1*11# | *121*414#
Start Notification on your Idea Number*121*4*2*1#
Stop Notification on your Idea Number*121*4*2*2#
Idea Number 3G/4G Data Pack Detail Check Code*121*4*3*1#
Idea Internet Data Balance & Validity Check Code*121*4*3*2# | *121*4*1*1#
Idea Number 2G Data Pack Detail Check Code*121*4*3*3#
Idea Number Digital Service Detail Check Code*121*4*4#
Idea Number VAS Service Detail Check Code*121*4*4#
Activate Caller tune on Idea Number with USSD*121*4*4*2*1# | Call on 56789
Activate IDEA MCI (Miss Call Infomation) Service*777*1# | Call on 55715
Idea VAS World to know & Activate other VAS ServiceCall on 1212
Check Idea Store Location nearest to your location*121*4*5*1# and enter area PIN
Idea Festive Days Detail Check Code*121*4*6*1#
Check Idea Phone Number with SIM Number*121*4*6*2#
Idea SIM PUK code Check with USSD Code*121*4*6*3# and enter SIM No
Idea SIM Activation Date Check Code*121*4*6*4#
Idea BAR Code Mobile Number Check Code*121*4*6*5#
Idea Self Help Guide Check Code*121*4*6*6#
Idea Internet Gallery Check Code*121*4*6*6*1#
Idea Self Help short Code Check*121*4*6*6*2#
Check Idea Active VAS Service Infomation*121*4*6*6*3#
Check Idea Active Pack Detail with USSD Code*121*4*6*6*4#
Register your Email with Idea Account*121*4*6*6*6#
Activate/ Deactivate Idea DND Service*121*4*6*6*7#
Idea Roaming Charge Detail Check Code*121*4*7*1#
Idea International Roaming Rate Check Code*121*4*7*4#
Latest Full Talktime Offer Active on your Idea Number*121*4*8*1
Latest Data Recharge Offer Active on your Idea Number*121*4*8*3#
Latest Unlimited Pack Offer Active on your Idea Number*121*4*8*3#
Check your Idea Plan Detail with USSD Code*191# and proceed to 1
Idea Balance transfer USSD Code*191# and proceed to 2
Ask for Talktime in an emergency from any Friend*191# and proceed to 3
Idea Friend & Family Service Check Code*191# and proceed to 4
Idea Rs.10 talktime balance Credit loan code*150*10*
Idea Rs.20 talktime balance Credit loan code*150*20*
Take Idea 2G Internet Data Loan with the help of USSD*150*06*
Take Idea 3G Internet Data Loan with the help of USSD*150*333*
Idea Internet Data Balance Transfer*121*121# and proceed to 1
Idea SMS Balance Transfer*121*121# and proceed to 2
Idea Minute Balance Transfer*121*121# and proceed to 3
Remove Idea Beneficiary from Account*121*121# and proceed to 4
Take Idea Internet Data Loan with SMS based Text codeSend “ICREDIT” to 144
Activate Idea GPRS Service”FRESH” To 4666
Activate Idea 3G Data Service“ACT 3G” To 12345
Deactivate Idea 3G services”DEACT 3G” To 12345
Activate Idea Live Tv Service”3GTV” To 54777
Get Idea GPRS setting”SET” To 12345
Activate Idea VAS Service with IVR Number155223
Idea Customer Care NumberCall on 12345 | 198

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