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American Credit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Numbers

American Express 24*7 Credit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Numbers

The 24/7 toll-free numbers for all your credit-card related queries are 1800-419-2122 and 1800-419-3646

Alternatively, you can also call +91124-2801800

These are the toll-free numbers for specific American Express credit cards.

Card TypeCustomer Care Numbers
American Express Payback Credit Card0124 6744144 1800 419 0726 0124 2801093
American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card1800 419 0167 0124 2801418
American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card0124 2801122 1800 419 2122
American Express Gold Credit Card91 1242801122 1800 419 2122
American Express Platinum Credit Card1800 180 1030 1800 419 1030 91-1242801030
Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card0124 6744141 0124 2801141 1800 208 1223

American Express Credit Card Enquiries

In the case of card theft or card getting blocked, you can contact the customer care numbers given above.

American Express Credit Card Grievance Redressal

There are 3 steps you can take for grievance redressal of any complaints regarding your American Express credit card. They are:

  1. Contact the 24/7 customer care helpline numbers which are 1800-419-3646 and +91124-2801800
  2. If contacting the helpline has not helped to resolve your issue, you may escalate the grievance to the Manager of Customer Service by email, telephone, or by writing to them. Here are the contact details:
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Postal Address:
      • Telephone Numbers: 0124-3362172 and 0124-3362044
    • If your concern has not been adequately addressed at the above levels, you may further escalate it to the Head of Operations in the following ways:

    American Express Nodal Office Contact Details

    You may contact the nodal officer for American Express through the following ways:

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Postal Address:
      • Telephone: You may contact the nodal officer at this number from Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – 0124-4190044

      American Express® Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

      American Express®  Credit CardsToll-Free NumberContact Number
      Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card1800 208 12230124-2801141
      American Express® Platinum Credit Card1800 419 1030*1800 180 103091-124-280-1030
      American Express® Gold Credit Card1800 419 2122*91-124-2801122
      American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card1800 419 21220124-2801122
      American Express® PAYBACK Credit Card1800 419 07260124 6744144
      0124 2801093
      American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card1800 419 01670124-280 1418

      American Express Card Customer Care Numbers

      American Express® CardsToll-Free NumberContact Number
      American Express® Gold Card1800 419 1120*91-124-2801111
      American Express® Platinum Card1800 419 1255*
      1800 180 1255
      Air India American Express® Gold Card1800 419 1266*
      1800 180 1666
      Air India American Express® Green Card1800 419 1261*
      1800 180 1261

      The list of Amex credit card customer care numbers for corporate cards is mentioned below:

      American Express® Corporate CardsToll-Free NumberContact Number
      American Express® Platinum Corporate Card1800-419-10920124 280 1092
      +91-124-280 1092 (When calling from overseas)
      Jet Airways American Express® Corporate Card1800-419-11990124 280 1299
      +91-124-280 1299 (When calling from overseas)
      Green & Gold1800-419-12220124 280 1222
      +91-124-280 1222 (When calling from overseas)

      American Express® Platinum Corporate cardmembers travelling overseas can call on the numbers mentioned below for services related to their credit cards:

      Country of TravelToll-Free Number
      Hong Kong800905903
      Saudi Arabia8008146320

      American Express® Corporate cardmembers who are travelling overseas can contact the numbers mentioned below:

      Country of TravelDial CodeToll-Free Number
      Hong Kong1800-0419-1222

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