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With 900 million eligible voters, India is largest democracy in the world. 2019, is a crucial year for our democratic nation given that important election is already done and we are already into State assembly elections.Latest Election will be Maharastra and Haryana.
As responsible citizens, it is our duty to cast our votes and electing the most worthy political party to govern the country. To cast a vote, we need to have a Voter ID card also known as Elector’s Photo ID card.

The voter ID card indicates that you are an Indian citizen above the age of 18 years listed in the electoral rolls, a list of people eligible to cast their vote. The voter ID card also helps in regulating fraud and streamline the voting process, a necessary step due to the countries huge demographics. Registration for a voter ID card is an easy process that can be done online.

The Election Commission’s new mega Electors Verification Programme (EVP), which seeks to update electoral rolls through crowdsourcing, was launched on September 1 across the country.

Under the programme, a voter from each family will get a username and password, allowing a person to upload all documents related to electoral registration and tag similar details about his or her family members.

What is the purpose of the EVP?

The purpose is to improve the health of electoral rolls and augment enrolment of all eligible citizens during special summary revision of the electoral rolls.

The one-time authentication of details and sharing contact detail would help electors to get an update on online application status, the status of EPIC, Election Day announcement, voter slip on their registered email and mobile number. Regular notification on modifications on Serial No. and details of Polling Station, Change in BLO/ ERO, all information related to Polling Station will also be shared with the Electors.

you can log on to the NVSP portal (nvsp.in) or Voter Helpline App. You can enter your name, family details and address. A form will be filled and submitted on the site. It’ll be an auto-generated form.

One can also fill form 6 and 7 to delete and add names.

Alerts will be sent to those turning 18 to fill up their forms.

Below Are Steps To Download Voter ID and Search Voter ID-Name in Voter List – Election India

Step 1: Visit https://electoralsearch.in

Step 2: Voter ID Search by Name District, constituency

Step 3 :Voter ID Search by EPIC /Voter ID Number

Voter ID Download

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