Idea Internet Settings for Faster Internet Services (1)

Idea Internet Settings for Faster Internet Services

Idea internet settings enable you to configure setting to turn online automatically. We could manually configure the Idea APN settings to your 4G/3G Smartphone. You can ask to get Idea GPRS Internet setting into your network operator by sending an SMS. Additionally, you may select the choice to configure the Idea GPRS Settings.

In this post, we will talk about Idea Internet settings. If you are the customer of idea and want to set your idea 4g internet settings, so, you are in the right place. Here we guide you on how to get idea 4g internet settings.

Following the merging using Vodafone India, Idea Cellular Services formed a new firm Named Vodafone Idea Limited. The new business is offering high-speed statistics services for the clients. This site article teaches you how you can configure your Android Phone together with the speediest Idea Idea Limited APN configurations.

By triggering the proper 4G APN settings, then you can raise the standard Idea Internet rate in your handset. Let’s assess where to discover the most recent Thought 4G Internet Settings onto your apparatus.

How to Get Idea 4g Internet Settings

Here are the three ways by which you can get internet settings quickly.

  1. First is by visiting the official site.
  2. Second is with SMS
  3. And third is by Manual Configuration.

Get Internet Settings from Official Site

Check your email, join with friends, tweet, site and do a great deal more with Mobile Internet Service in your Thought mobile. Stay connected anytime, anyplace in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open Official Website
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. You will see the configurations via SMS in your Thought mobile. Please store these settings as default settings.
  4. You’re prepared to begin browsing!

Ways to get 4G Internet Setting with SMS

Don’t have Idea GPRS settings in your device? Not Able to link to Idea Mobile Internet? Do not be concerned; in this guide, you discover a way to obtain GPRS configurations by message, or you could add the settings by configuring it on your own.

Idea Web Settings:

  1. From Your Cell apparatus write an SMS.
  2. Sort “SET” and ship it into”12345.”
  3. Wait to get a while… To Get SMS of all Idea Internet configurations
  4. Once You Get SMS, open and “Save Preferences.”

Idea 4g Internet Settings for Manual Configuration

Thought 4G settings might configure to navigate the web or send and receive MMS using Thought. Configure your device using one of those under Idea 4G configurations.

  1. Select the”Settings” icon onto your apparatus
  2. Navigate to configurations >> Wireless and Networks >> More >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names
  3. Press the + button to add a new APN

Here are some following settings:

Name: Idea Internet

APN: internet

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set

MMSC: Not Set

APN type: default

MVNO Type: None

MMS Port: Not Set

APN protocol: Ipv4

Bearer: Unspecified

MMS Proxy: Not Set

MCC : (Keep Default)

MNC : (Keep Default)

MVNO Value: Not set

Authentication Type: Not Set

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

The Way to Troubleshoot Idea Internet Problem

Your mobile’s network settings may impact its network functionality so that it’s well worth checking those items.

  1. Handset Data/Roaming Data: Assess whether your handset information is change on from the Mobile Settings. If you’re in Roaming, please turn the Roaming information
  2. Network choice: check your device is set to pick a system automatically
  3. Network manner: Ensure that your device’s network style is set to change between 2G, 3G, and 4G automatically.
  4. For Android: Preferences -> Mobile Network -> Preferred Network Sort -> Select Prefer LTE
  5. To iOS: Preferences -> Mobile -> Voice & Data -> Select 4G
  6. For Windows: Preferences -> Mobile + Unknown -> Maximum Link Rate — Select 4G
  7. APN: Be sure you are using our Access Point Name (APN) configurations for net and MMS. APN ought to be (For iOS mobiles, APN setting Isn’t required)